Conditional residency status is available to anyone through the Pilot Program as long as they can meet three main requirements:

1.      Investment in a new commercial enterprise

2.      Invest a minimum of $1,000,000, or $500,000 in targeted employment areas, of capital that has been made through lawful means; and

3.      Create 10 jobs by direct and/or indirect means by investing in a business formed or restructured after 1990.

The applicant’s spouse and minor children may also apply for the conditional green card.

Because one requirement is proving that the monetary investment has been produced lawfully, the USCIS may require the investor show proof of lawful means of procurement through the presentation of bank statements, investment statements, profits or earnings through the sale of real estate, running a business, or other investments, documents showing ownership of real estate or business, tax returns, and/or loans, mortgages, promissory notes, or other evidence of borrowing.

Applicants may also be asked to show proof of being an “accredited investor”.  The investor should:

1.      Have a net worth, individually or jointly, in excess of $1,000,000 USD

2.      Have an income that exceeds $200,000 USD for the most recent years; or

3.      Jointly, with a spouse, for the same period, in excess of $300,000

Investors may also need to supply a variety of personal documents including, but not limited to, legal copies of passports, investor’s resumes, copies of academic diplomas, corporate organization documents, certified copies of birth and death certificates, if applicable, and/or certified copy of military or police record.